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Oregon State Health Licensing and Higher Education requires that students wanting to take the Oregon Exam for Tattoo Licensing must complete a minimum of 360 hours of training with an approved school. Instructors must be licensed in the State and meet all criteria required to obtain approval to teach and provide transcripts necessary for students to apply to take the licensing exams.

Trillium Ink Academy is approved and offering courses designed to get students ready to take the Oregon licensing exams and educate them in their selected area of tattoo practice. We offer emphasis on permanent make-up or scalp micropigmentation in our beginning courses. Students training in these areas may add other areas of practice in the future as they choose.

Oregon State requires that students meet the minimum 360 hours of training and complete 50 procedures before taking the exams. 210 theory hours must be completed before students may begin work on live models.

Permanent Cosmetics

The field of permanent cosmetics has grown to enormous proportions. With todays’ busy lifestyles, women and men everywhere want to look their best with the least amount of time involved. Perfectly applied make-up that stays all the time is highly desirable and has become one of the most sought after procedures of the times. This course gives students the fundamental training in make-up tattooing and the solid foundational basics required to apply for the exams.

Permanent cosmetics training is the foundational education to other cosmetic tattoo services. Post surgical tattooing restores missing color to areolas following breast reconstruction, camouflages surgical scarring, and can significantly improve many birth defects and accident related scars. Students wanting to pursue a career in medical tattooing must get the foundational training, and then add other areas of practice to their skillset.

Trillium Ink Academy training tuitions include complete start- up kits, so students are ready to get started in their prospective careers.


For anyone balding, receding hairlines, thinning hair or scarring in the scalp, scalp micropigmentation can be a life changing procedure.

Both men and women experience pattern balding or thinning. Many have surgical scars or accident related scars in the scalp. More and more people are affected by auto-immune disease or other illnesses that leave them with little or no hair. The effects are devastating.

Scalp micropigmentation is the fastest growing area of tattooing at current time. The benefits of this process make it an incredibly lucrative area of practice, with many niche markets. Students with a desire to go into this field will find it demanding but unbelievably rewarding. Trillium Ink has perfected this art using the Trillium Ink Technique™ and teaches it as an area of emphasis in the Oregon school.

Our interactive online training and live online classes allow students from across the state to attend the academy. Theory hours and lectures can be done from home, while hands-on days in the Tigard location are mostly weekends, all allowing students to maintain their current employment while working toward their new careers.


Pam Neighbors is Founder and Master artist and educator of Trillium Ink Academy in Tigard, Oregon. She has 29+ year of experience in the field. She is licensed in three states, is a certified permanent cosmetics artist and is accomplished in tattoo art, scar camouflage, esthetics, and micro needling. She has studied scalp micropigmentation in three countries and holds three Master certificates.

Pam was a keynote speaker at Meeting of Minds 2019 in London, the world conference for scalp micropigmentation. She also sat on the expert panel discussing Business Advancement in Scalp Micropigmentation.

In her years of practice she has helped countless clients performing post surgery reconstructive tattoo procedures along side some of Seattle’s top surgeons. Hair loss professionals refer their alopecia patients to her with confidence. She is committed to providing break through techniques in her field and sharing those for the advancement of the industry.

Thank you Pam for everything. This has been the most fulfilling milestone that I’ve experienced in a long time. I appreciate your guidance and support. Hope you are starting off having a wonderful day.

Pam is a professional who believes knowledge is power. She is a dedicated trainer, devoted to her student’s success. Her Oregon approved tattoo training school insures a positive and exciting learning experience!

Work with a master! Build the confidence necessary to start a successful career in the field of cosmetic tattooing!

For more information regarding the Oregon Tattoo Training Program contact Trillium Ink Academy at 503.747.3926 or contact us here.

How Do I Get Started On My Training?

When you’re ready to get started, just give us a call and we’ll get you registered for the class that is most convenient for you.

Everett: 425.238.1222
Portland: 503.747.3926
Email: [email protected]

We teach in many locations in the U.S. and abroad.

Once you’re registered for a class, we’ll give you the link to the online training portal and send out a practice kit.

And you will be on your way to becoming a world-class scalp artist!