scalp micropigmentation costs

Scalp micropigmentation procedures are not all the same. Each client will require a different amount of coverage and density. For this reason, we do not have a set price list of costs for these procedures.

Most providers use the Norwood Balding Chart as a guide for pricing men’s treatments and the Ludwig Chart for pricing women’s treatments. We welcome you to come in for complimentary consultation. If distance is a hindrance, send us pictures of your head front, side and back. We can consult with you on the phone and start a quote for you.

As a general guide, most scalp micropigmentation procedures at Trillium Ink, one of the world’s leading SMP providers, cost between $2000 and $4000.

Scalp scars, transplant donor scars, and special cases such as traction alopecia all require a variety of attention. We are happy to quote your individual case.

scalp micropigmentation for men
scalp micropigmentation pricing

We make scalp micropigmentation treatments as financially accessible as possible. We understand that many people compare prices between multiple clinics in pursuit of a deal. Of course we understand and support this endeavor, however this should not come at the cost of a sub-standard treatment.

Trillium Ink has tiered pricing depending on which artist completes your procedure. We base our tiered pricing structure on a team of highly skilled and talented artists with years of experience and extensive world class training and ongoing education.

Regardless of the technician you choose, we always deliver the best possible outcomes for each and every client, and we guarantee our results.

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