Refreshing Old Permanent Cosmetics

Over time, all tattoos will fade.  Some faster than others.

Permanent make-up, micro-blading, body art, post surgery camouflage and scalp micropigmentation are all “tattoos”.   Any time pigment is placed into the skin, it’s a tattoo.  Plain and simple.  Don’t be duped by someone who tries to sell you a different story!

When it comes to permanent make-up, there is a flurry in the industry where many new artists will take in a consultation with person that has tired, fading eyebrows or eyeliner, and criticize the original work as incompetent.  These are not “botched” procedures in most cases.  Actually, quite the contrary.  They just need a little TLC, which we call “maintenance”.

woman with eyebrow tattoo

Why refresh my permanent Cosmetics?

As pigment ages in the skin, internal and eternal factors will have an affect on the color molecules.  The skin itself is a changing canvas, and that too has an effect on the pigment.   The skin sheds many cells everyday as part of the natural regeneration process.  Our tattoos live in the very top layers of the skin, so it only makes sense that we are losing a minute amount of pigment every day.  Sun, products we use, diet, medications and the natural aging of a human all have an impact on the lifetime of the tattoo.

All of these factors break down the pigment molecules.  As the tattoo or cosmetic make-up age, they begin to appear dull and sometimes blurry.

This isn’t a “botched job” or a poorly executed procedure, it is simply a tattoo in need of attention.  Maintenance or color refreshing is part of having a great looking tattoo of any kind.  Some people can go for 10-15 years before they need maintenance, others may need attention sooner.

Either way, it’s all part of the process we call “tattooing”.

In the case of permanent cosmetics, a client may come in with faded grey or peachy looking brows.  This isn’t anything wrong.  Many times all these brows need is a bit of color balancing and some re-shaping, a bit of new color applied, and they are good for another how ever many years!

Faded eyeliner may look cool in tone and the lines may not be quite as smooth as they once were.   A quick maintenance visit will have it looking crisp and bright again.

On occasion if there is too much pigment (many touch ups over the years), a client might need part of the color removed.  The technician may choose to send the client to a laser specialist or to remove it via a saline lightening process.  After the area heals, new pigment may be applied and the results will be fabulous!

An experienced artist knows exactly how to bring new life to an old procedure.  If a technician is quick to call out your once beautiful permanent cosmetics or scalp micropigmentation in a negative manner, I strongly suggest you find a more experienced artist to help you!


All tattoos age just like we do!   Take care of them and enjoy them for a lifetime!