Scalp Micropigmentation in Seattle & Portland

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a sophisticated medical tattoo process that creates natural looking simulation of micro hairs. This incredibly detailed scalp application is administered to the head typically in 2-3 sessions performed over the course of a few weeks creating what many are now calling the modern solution for hair loss.

For sufferers of regular hair loss or alopecia, SMP offers an effective cosmetic hair loss solution. Competent application of the SMP technique results in the appearance of a cropped hairstyle, regardless of your hair loss situation. Even clients who are completely bald can have an undetectable, natural-looking hairline again.

This incredible cosmetic treatment is perfect for both men and women who are experiencing some kind of hair loss and can also be used to cover scars from head trauma or hair transplant surgery.

Despite many advances in recent years, scalp micropigmentation remains the world’s only remedy for hair loss with 100% guaranteed, instantaneous, permanent results.

before and after smp

frequently asked questions

How long does it take?

Depending upon the amount of hair loss each treatment will take 2-4 hours. 2-4 hour sessions are necessary and are scheduled a week apart.

how painful is it?

Many clients will compare this to a body art tattoo. Since the pigment is implanted so shallow in the skin it is not nearly as painful as would be expected. Most clients say the pain level is only a 3 or 4 on a scale of 1-10.

does it look real?

Expertly applied impressions give the look of real hair stubble. Even up close and personal quality scalp micropigmentation is undetectable.

will the pigment turn blue over time?

The main reason pigments turn blue is because they are implanted too deep in the skin. Good quality pigments and proper application assure optimal results.

how much down time will i have?

This is a minimally invasive process. Some fair-skinned clients will have pinkness of the scalp for a few days while others will barely notice anything at all. Most clients can go back to work the next day.

how much does it cost?

Price varies based on the amount of coverage needed. We refer to the Norwood balding chart to price out treatments. The average client will spend between $2000 and $4000.