3D Scalp Micropigmentation – How Does it Work and is it Worth it?

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Here is a new one for you all to get your teeth into. 3D scalp micropigmentation. Is it a real thing? And also, is it really worth the extra expense and effort? Or is it just another way of enhancing an already revolutionary treatment?

To begin with, let’s just have a quick look at exactly what 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional are. Work through the differences so that it is easier to understand 3D SMP treatments over the classic 2D ones. Two-dimensional is measured with both height and length. Three-dimensional is measured by height, length and has the addition of width. On reading this, one could become confused. As surely height, length, and width are standard practices with scalp micropigmentation procedures? Well, sort of. But if you look at it as an overall illusion it changes. Because 2D as an illusion is flat. Whereas 3-dimensional, with the addition of width, instantly offers up the illusion of depth and volume.

What is 3D Scalp Micropigmentation?

When linked to scalp micropigmentation, a 3-dimensional effect is carried out by an additional and final layer of pigment being applied after the regular and standard treatment has been administered and would be considered as completed. This end scattering of pigments is different from the previously administered, being that it is significantly darker in color and distributed in a meager and sporadic manner providing the overall look of a textured appearance. The end result is a 3D finish, differing from the classic 2-dimensional one usually achieved from a regular SMP treatment.

Is 3D SMP Treatment Worth The Risk?

So are 3D scalp micropigmentation treatments a good idea? That depends on who is asking. To begin with, the classic 2-dimensional appearance that scalp micropigmentation gives, provided it’s correctly administered, is actually incredibly effective. There are no complaints about the completed hairline being anything but indistinguishable to that of a natural hairline. On the flip side of the coin, 3D SMP treatments, again, provided they are correctly administered, look incredible. However, there is a huge caveat to 3D treatments which is that it is notoriously difficult to get right. Because the final scatter-through layer of pigment needs to be significantly darker there is always the risk of it looking unrealistic if it isn’t administered with meticulous skill. Any technician executing this look needs to have an incredible eye for razor-sharp detail, and even then… there are risks involved.

The conclusion to be drawn, from the point of view of a technician, is you need to be thinking wisely and carefully about choosing your technician if you are insisting on the route of 3D. However, there is also the addition that a highly trained and skilled technician will automatically produce an effect that is textured using the classic 2D techniques. So this begs the question as to whether 3D scalp micropigmentation is really worth the additional cost, given the risks involved. But of course, that is a personal decision to make. If you wish to discuss 3D scalp micropigmentation treatments in more detail, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us right here.