How the Cost for Scalp Micropigmentation is Calculated

hair in brush

There are a million and one hair restoration solutions out there, yet scalp micropigmentation is the only one that is guaranteed to work. Unlike its counterparts, the hair transplant or medication, it doesn’t come with the promise of promoting new hair growth. It conceals the problem that hair loss causes. So how is the cost for scalp micropigmentation calculated?

A technician will need to assess your treatment needs before proposing costs for your SMP procedure. The breakdown of scalp micropigmentation cost is worked out roughly as follows :

Hair Loss Evaluations

The first thing any technician is going to want to look at is the extent of your current hair loss. Because many alopecias are evolving conditions practitioners will also make predictions for future loss including how quickly it is progressing. Current evaluations are made using the official and world-known classifications system called the Norwood Scale – or Ludwig Scale for women. The system uses visible illustrations to enable a technician to characterize the condition and hair loss extent of the sufferer.

Overall Skin Condition

Skin physiology matters. Whenever a technician administers scalp micropigmentation his or her canvas will have a different texture, size, and structure. Every client is unique and some will have delicate or dry skin, others oily. There are also situations where tissue may well be tougher owing to scarring or blemishes from burns or sometimes birthmarks. These all need to be taken into consideration when a practitioner works out the cost for scalp micropigmentation treatments. In addition to the physiology, the size of the canvas must also be taken into account.

Client Treatment Requirements

Hair restoration treatments are all unique. As are each of our clients. It is important to take this into account when considering your SMP cost. No pattern baldness is alike, likewise, each scar concealment is different. Timescales will vary concerning the condition your practitioner is treating. Evaluations will be made at your initial consultation and thereafter, SMP pricing will be tailored accordingly. Please do note that any modifications to hairlines midway through treatment, or alterations post-treatment, will induce extra costs.

Practitioner Experience and Location

SMP technicians are highly trained individuals who spend an inordinate amount of energy, time and money on perfecting their skill-set to professionally administer this life-changing treatment. Their overall experience, along with clinic location are factors that are built into your scalp micropigmentation treatment cost. As an overall rule of thumb, SMP is certainly an affordable hair restoration solution when compared to its closely run counterparts, such as the hair transplant or ongoing and regular medication. However, it is also a treatment that requires time and accuracy. This is something that will cost money.

If you are looking to change your life through SMP and would like to discuss the cost for scalp micropigmentation in more detail then please reach out to us here.