What causes male pattern baldness?

man before and after scalp micropigmentation

Male pattern baldness is something about half of men over the age of 50 will experience at some point in their lives. Also referred to as androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness is often most commonly caused by genetics, though it can be attributed to other factors such as certain medications, thyroid problems, and cancer.

95% of male pattern baldness is caused by genes

More often than not, genetic traits inherited from a man’s parents are to blame when it comes to hair loss. The genes of each individual will determine how their hair follicles respond to the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone. DHT is an important sex hormone derived from testosterone. High levels of DHT usually make hair follicles shrink, causing the hair that grows back to be thinner, until eventually, no hair grows there at all. This is why many products claiming to slow or stop the onset of male pattern baldness contain ingredients to fight or reduce the DHT hormone.

Those who experience male pattern baldness usually lose their hair in the same fashion. A receding hairline and a loss of thickness on the crown of the head will indicate the onset of male pattern baldness. Some people will start losing their hair as early as their teenage years, which will only exacerbate their problem.

What else could be causing it?

When men start losing their hair, especially when they reach middle age, it is usually nothing to worry about. It is a natural part of growing older and seeing your body changing. However, if your hair falls out quickly and in chunks, rather than thinning over time, this could be an indication of a more serious underlying health issue. Some other causes of unusual hair loss are anemia, thyroid issues, stress, or scalp infections. Reach out to your doctor to rule out any serious health problems and to find a solution.

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