How to Avoid Bad Scalp Micropigmentation Results

scalp micropigmentation for women

You only need to type SMP into your search bar to see bad scalp micropigmentation results on the internet. However, it really doesn’t have to be this way.

Provided scalp micropigmentation is correctly administered by a practitioner with knowledge and expertise, it’s the ideal solution for concealing hair loss.

Scalp micropigmentation works by a professional practitioner implanting natural pigments underneath the surface of the skin across the scalp. The implants take the form of a series of tiny dots that replicate imitation hair follicles, creating a seamless blend that works together with an individual’s complexion. SMP is a treatment that is life-changing and receiving the procedure will work towards rebuilding lost self-esteem which has been caused by hair loss.

Here is a 4-step process to enable you to be sure of avoiding bad SMP results.


  1. Verify your SMP practitioner has received the correct training

    Correctly trained SMP technicians understand not only how the procedure works but also have full knowledge of skin physiology, color science and challenges related to treatments. They will know how to work on damaged surfaces owing to scarring and also be sensitive to all the different alopecia conditions, components in pigments the depth an implant will need to be placed, etc. This knowledge is precise and takes time and perseverance to perfect. And they are all elements that work towards the ultimate scalp micropigmentation treatment process. Using underqualified practitioners is an incredibly risky business. Don’t hesitate to verify the credentials of your technician before receiving SMP.


  2. Establish that your chosen SMP technician has administered the treatment before

    It is clear to say that any practitioner who is fresh from the field of training is also qualified to administer SMP. They are often the perfect solution to gaining a discount on procedures. However, it is also crucial to note experience comes from practice. The more a technician has administered treatments, the better they become at their own given artform. Your chosen clinic should have a comprehensive gallery of before and after shots for reference.


  3. Check out your SMP technician’s reputation

    Never before has it been easier to verify the credibility of any professional in their given industry. Ask around in your local community if the clinic you are using is in your area. Check out reviews on social media platforms and don’t be afraid to ask your technician about any of the said reviews that are not full of glowing sparkle.


  4. Do you feel comfortable with your choice of SMP practitioner

    Finally, how do you feel when you are talking to your technician? Are you at ease and do you feel they answer all of your questions simply and in a manner that is succinct? If you’ve any doubts about the answers you are receiving or if you feel at any given time uncomfortable in the clinic then maybe you should be going back to the drawing board and begin your clinic search from scratch?

If you are interested in discussing the complexities of this life-changing treatment then please connect with us here at Trillium. We are always open to hearing about your hair loss journey and our aim is to provide professional treatment. Avoiding bad scalp micropigmentation results is easy if you ensure you do your homework in advance.