Scalp Micropigmenation With Hair – IS IT POSSIBLE?


The simple answer to this commonly asked question is quite resounding in its answer… YES, scalp micropigmentation with hair is most definitely possible. And it’s administered to clients who don’t wish to shave their scalp for the procedure.

It’s all so often that scalp micropigmentation is associated with male pattern baldness. However, in real terms, more than a large handful of our clients are, in fact, women who are experiencing diffuse thinning, or men who are just not quite there yet with the full effects of pattern baldness. You see, SMP is not just for recreating the look of the freshly barbered and iconic buzz-cut. It’s also ingenious in other ways.

Around half of the female population in the United States suffer from diffuse thinning. Often, this will go unnoticed. It’s very much hormone and age-related. It also goes hand-in-hand with thyroid issues and is also closely linked to postpartum periods in a woman’s life. When a woman begins to shed her hair it often takes a familiar course where the parting will widen and overall diffuse thinning takes its hold. The psychological impact of any hair loss disorder is simply devastating. We are so conditioned in our beliefs that our hair represents youth, vitality, and beauty, that when it happens, the emotional side-effects are crushing.


How Scalp Micropigmentation with Hair Works


Treating diffuse thinning with SMP with hair, long or short, still intact is a straightforward procedure. Your chosen technician will simply implant pigments underneath the existing hairline, working section-by-section through your current hair. The natural pigments, once healed, will become trapped underneath the outer layer of your skin which works in providing underlying shading across your scalp. Careful consideration is taken with coloring and skin types and tones and blending is meticulously administered. Any given treatment session will last a full afternoon, with breaks in between, which is beneficial to both client and technician. Generally speaking, two to four sessions is sufficient and weekly intervals should be left between each one.

Once treatment is completed, you will be given full aftercare guidelines to ensure the safety of your procedure and provided they are closely adhered to, will also guarantee the longevity of your scalp micropigmentation. The aftercare routine is a simple process and once the post-treatment stages are completed, normal daily routines can resume.


Scalp Micropigmentation with Hair – The Benefits


There are many benefits to scalp micropigmentation but not having to actually shave your head to receive treatment has to be up there as a number one favorite amongst our female clients. But another huge bonus is the fact that this innovative procedure is purely holistic. All pigments are natural and should you be taking any additional medication to promote hair growth, they will continue to work.

For anyone suffering from diffuse thinning, treating the problem with scalp micropigmentation with hair remaining all in one piece is such a huge advantage. It enables a smooth-running process and means you can begin the operation of rebuilding lost self-esteem and confidence levels without the additional trauma of losing the precious and existing follicles that you have.