Scalp Micropigmentation Disadvantages

student designing hairline

To be honest, it’s quite hard to come up with a bunch of scalp micropigmentation disadvantages as the advantages far outweigh them. But we guess it’s pretty important to look at both sides of the coin, given the procedure is so visible and important.

The advantages are so easy to roll out. It’s natural and holistic. The results are nigh on guaranteed. Treatment gives an instant finish. You don’t need to worry about maintenance… oh that list, it’s never-ending.

So, what’s the other end of the scale then? What are the scalp micropigmentation disadvantages and are they really that drastic?

The Disadvantages of Scalp Micropigmentation

  • It doesn’t matter which way you look at things, one of the biggest disadvantages of SMP treatments has to be the fact that your hairstyle is never going to change. It’s a fixed look, which is dedicated to the iconic buzz-cut, and it’s there to stay. But hey, it’s not a bad style feature so we are guessing you can maybe learn to live with it?

  • Guys, bad news I’m afraid. You are going to have to continue shaving your head. And that brings us to our second in the list of SMP disadvantages. Well, you did it before you had treatment, you’ll just have to carry on. The difference is once you’ve shaved your head you’ll look a whole lot better than you did before.

  • The aging process. Now one could consider that this is an advantage in itself as it’s far far better than the alternative. However, when it comes to the subject matter of scalp micropigmentation disadvantages, this one is a bit of a biggie. It doesn’t matter how you look at this. The angles won’t change. Your SMP treatment is not going to go grey! But you are.

  • SMP disadvantage number 4! The fading process. And there is no way of sugar-coating the truth, fading happens. However, get the treatment right in the first place and follow those aftercare routines to within an inch of their lives and you’ll be sitting pretty for a good four years or so. By that stage, you’re looking at the need for an SMP top-up.

  • Next out of the gate is the reality aspect. There are many many technicians that produce some amazing 3D treatments, however, they are super expensive. And the look is actually quite hard to achieve. If your budget doesn’t run that far, there’s a minor argument that the reality aspect might dwindle. But really, do people look that closely?

  • And the final and probably most prolific of all of the Scalp Micropigmentation Disadvantages is, without doubt, the lack of regulations and information in this beautiful industry. Technicians obviously need to be trained in the techniques. But nobody really verifies these qualifications. And training can be quite minimal. In addition to this problem, there is not a lot of decent information available on the industry to avoid falling into traps.

In essence, no matter how you look at Scalp Micropigmentation Disadvantages, they are always going to be outweighed by the advantages – thankfully. The key to a successful treatment is to research the clinics you are interested in and to arm yourself with a decent amount of rich information. Thereafter, the disadvantages become nigh on non-existent.