Bald Men and Attractiveness

Some men go bald naturally over time, but some choose to go bald as a style choice. Many people would balk at the idea of losing their locks, but research suggests that there may be a good reason for men with male pattern balding to embrace the look of a clean-shaven head.

An article from Psychology Today explains how a person’s physical appearance determines how others perceive invisible qualities, such as confidence, ability, intelligence, and potential for success. It is universally accepted that attractive people are believed to have a better shot at having happy and successful lives. Whether this is true or not will depend on the individual.

So, is being bald associated with attractiveness or with unattractiveness? Psychology Today reports that traditionally, society views bald men as weak, impotent, and having low self-confidence or even depression. After all, men go to great lengths to prevent the effects of male pattern baldness by purchasing specialty shampoos and incorporating wonder foods into their diets.

Evidence to the contrary

However, a recent study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science uncovered evidence that may signal a shift in the way society perceives bald men. The study showed that the participants found bald men to be 13% more dominant, 10% more masculine, and 6% more confident. Interestingly, the study found that when men were described in words but not pictures, the men described as having “thinning but not bald” hair were rated much lower in the confidence, masculinity, and dominance categories.

The study from Social Psychological and Personality Science suggests that if men notice their hair thinning, they may consider opting to either shave the rest off or consider a cosmetic option, such as scalp micropigmentation. As far as attractiveness goes, men, according to this study, have options.

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