Does Scalp Micropigmentation Look Fake?

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For most, the primary purpose of their SMP treatment is to recreate a look that is wholesome and natural. It’s not a huge statement piece. In fact, it’s entirely the opposite. So does scalp micropigmentation look fake? Not really, otherwise it would completely defeat the object of the game. But then there are always exceptions and you’ll have to keep reading to discover why.

So what should you expect from your scalp micropigmentation treatment and really… will your SMP give you natural results?

General standards of scalp micropigmentation are certainly improving on a daily basis. The majority of people receiving treatments achieve fantastic results and never look back. The finish is professional and satisfaction levels are extremely high. But there is a clear bottom line on SMP looking ultimately natural – and that’s about how much groundwork you do, pre-treatment.

It’s not a face-value type service. You need to take time investigating the process, do your homework on chosen technicians. Educate yourself and establish your expectations from the outset.

But what else makes for a realistic-looking scalp micropigmentation treatment? What other advice can we give to avoid your SMP looking fake?

Make Sensible Hairline Choices

First, understand this. Scalp Micropigmentation is quite simply an aesthetics solution. It conceals hair loss. It certainly doesn’t cure it. This means your treatment is only going to be as good as the technician who administers it. However, there are always going to be influences which take away from a realistic-looking treatment and some of those are your own fault.

There are certain bang straight hairlines which are becoming more and more popular as time evolves. There is no way this is ever going to imitate your natural hairline as this isn’t how they roll. The same goes for the Doctor Spock sides. If you insist on following these current trends, which will invariably be outdated after time, you won’t receive a natural finish.

When it comes to your scalp micropigmentation treatment looking realistic it’s fully advisable to opt for a look and style that will work in harmony with your own facial architecture, your ethnicity and also your age. This is the only way you’ll achieve a hairline which is natural.

Of course, if you choose your technician wisely, you won’t need to ask the question, Does Scalp Micropigmentation Look Fake? All SMP treatments look natural if you follow the wise guidance of your qualified and educated practitioner.