Scalp Micropigmentation for Density

scalp micropigmentation for women

There are a number of different reasons hair can begin to thin and it’s something that can certainly happen to both men and women alike. One of the predominant reasons for this debilitating disorder is an extremely common condition known as pattern baldness. Scalp micropigmentation for density is a sheer blessing for anyone suffering from this type of alopecia and it’s the leading hair restoration treatment that is becoming a fairly firm fixture as a household name.

A lack of hair density affects over half the population of men under the age of 50 and the numbers are only a shade under this statistic for women. Sadly, thinning can happen at some pretty tender ages, particularly amongst men, with certain experiencing diffuse thinning as young as their late teens. It happens for a number of different reasons, the most common cause being genetics, however, in women, it’s also age and hormone-related. Also known as Androgenetic Alopecia, the emotional anxiety which is attached to the condition is devastating and overwhelming.

As a hair restoration solution, scalp micropigmentation, or SMP for density is a leading treatment that is guaranteed to provide you with successful results. Hair loss is measured using an internationally recognized scale called the Norwood scale, Ludwig for females. Once assessments are completed your treatment will begin. Tiny dots of natural pigments are implanted underneath the epidermis or outer, waterproof layer of your skin. This is done by a machine which has been fitted with a microneedle. Once the pinpricks created by the said needle heal, the natural pigments become trapped underneath this outer skin layer which leaves a series of tiny marks that mimic hair follicles. Your technician who provides you with your scalp micropigmentation treatment is one that is highly trained in the complexities of skin physiology, color theory, and pigment types. They will work hand-in-hand with your hair loss extent whilst taking into consideration future changes in both color and hairlines. In cases where a client is experiencing diffuse thinning which involves a widening of the parting, often synonymous in female patients, they will work section-by-section through the existing hair. This avoids the necessity to shave your scalp. The additional beauty of this cutting-edge procedure is it is also an entirely holistic treatment. Pigments used in the treatment of SMP for density are purely natural and will not affect any prescribed treatments for promoting hair growth such as Minoxidil or Finasteride.

Diffuse thinning is a devastating condition that can have a monumental effect on the psychological well-being of a sufferer. For anyone experiencing this mentally attenuating disorder, scalp micropigmentation is a perfect solution. It will work towards rebuilding confidence levels and lost self-esteem. For anyone requiring information about our comprehensive list of services and to learn more about scalp micropigmentation for diffuse thinning, why not reach out to us. Our doors are always open and you’ll be sure to find us here, with a welcoming smile and empathetic ear to list to the story of your hair loss journey. And in turn, transform the hair loss journey into one of hair restoration.