Five Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

If you begin to notice that you are losing hair, try some natural remedies before hurrying off to get a hair transplant or purchase a fancy wig. Oftentimes, natural remedies work just as well, or even better, than synthetic solutions you can buy in the stores. Read more about natural solutions to hair loss below.

Scalp massage

Giving yourself a scalp massage once a day can both help release stress and tension in that part of your body as well as increase the blood flow to your hair follicles, encouraging growth. Healthline reports that massages can also help your hair grow back thicker and stronger. To increase blood flow even more to the hair follicles, bend over so your head is below your heart while you massage.

Aloe vera

Using hair care products that contain aloe vera have been known to help reduce dandruff and to remove excess oils and debris from hair. By removing oils and dirt from the hair follicles, the hair is able to grow more freely. You can also apply pure aloe vera gel to your scalp to get the same results.

Fish oil

Though fish oil is often regarded as a wonder tincture to help prevent the effects of heart disease, some doctors cite it as a good natural remedy to hair loss. Because fish oil is an omega fatty acid, it contains tons of proteins, which can help heal your hair from the inside. Hair shafts are built from proteins, so it is essential to provide enough proteins to build them. Additionally, fish oil can help boost immunity, keeping you healthier overall.

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